You Get Several Options with SimplySmartCart


QuickBooks Interface

Your sales can be easily updated to QuickBooks Online.

This means that every sale will be automatically recorded to QuickBooks so you have an accurate income statement, literally in real time.

This means that you know exactly what your sales are at any time. You can also use the QuickBooks reports to analyze exactly what’s selling and where you stand financially

getResponse Interface

You may already be using getResponse to enhance your sales efforts. If not, there is a link below to sign up for their service.

The getResponse interface can dramatically improve your bottom line. As you may already know, it’s much easier to sell something to a customer than cold prospect. This interface allows you to set up a system that continually keeps you in front of your customers.

Of course, you can send newsletters, and that’s a way of keeping in contact with your customers – and prospects that sign up for it.

The real power comes from the ability to sell a complimentary or different product to a customer after the sale. Let’s say you sell Widgets. A customer buys a blue Widget. That’s good. what if, after buying the blue Widget, you add them to an autoresponder sequence that tells them why they should buy a red Widget, or a green one.

This is very powerful and will make a dramatic improvement in your bottom line.

Abandoned Cart Notification

One of the major challenges selling online is abandoned shopping carts. It’s part of the landscape of selling online no matter how attentive one is to removing issues that lead to cart abandonment.

You will find that we have developed a system that, in the event of an abandoned cart, you will receive an email alerting you to the situation. From there, you can email or contact the customer to find out why they abandoned the cart and rescue the sale.

This is a very powerful tool that will put more money in your pocket.

Customer Registration

Your customers have the option of creating an account. This is valuable because it make it much easier for them to make future purchases. all they have to do is log in and we will populate the checkout with their information. This saves your customer time and aggravation, especially if they are purchasing from a phone.

Customer ReOrders

As an additional feature of Customer Registration, your customers can opt to save an order they have placed for later reorder. This is great for your bottom line because when an order is saved the is a very high probability it will be ordered agan… and again.


You probably know that coupons are a fabulous way to expand your business. You can use coupons to introduce you business to new customers – give you a try. And, you can use coupons as a reward to current customers to get them to come back again or just as a reward for being a great customer.