Your Membership gives you the ability to take orders online, capture your customers’ information, shipping information and credit card information. The credit card is processed real time so that your customer knows immediately if the order has been accepted. The credit card information is captured with the same level of security that is used for online banking. It’s totally secure.

There are two ways you can interface with SimplySmartCart. The simplest way is to use our catalog and add one simple link, which we’ll build for you, from your site to to SimplySmartCarts catalog. You can have up to 225 items in the SimplySmartCart catalog, up to 15 catalog pages with up to 15 items per page.

The other method is to have all the items on your web site with simple “Buy Now!” links to the shopping cart. We have a feature called “Build A Link” that will create the links you can just “copy and paste” into your web pages.

As you’ve probably read many shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes the sale. There are numerous reasons for this, like the customer has questions and hasn’t resolved them. Their phone connection may have failed or any one of a number of Internet issues. When a cart is abandoned on SimplySmartCart, we will send you an Email with the customers contact information. That way you can follow up either by Email or Phone to see why the customer abandoned the cart. This is valuable to you for a couple of reasons. One, you will probably convert at least half of the abandoned carts to sales because you followed up and this helps establish a relationship with the customer. Secondly, you may where customers are dropping out because some information isn’t available that they need to make a decision. With that information in hand, you can modify your process to enhance your sales.

Carts are frequently abandoned because your customers’ credit card was declined or, in some cases, there was a communication problem with the merchant credit card processor. When a decline occurs, for example, you can contact your customer and get another credit card or another form of payment. You can then update the original order and have it reprocessed without entering all the information over again.

If you’re using one of these programs to keep track of your money, we have a small desktop program that will automatically transfer sales information from your site and update your accounting. Not only does it track the sales, it will also add your customers to, and track item sales through these programs. There is a fee of $4 per month for this application.

Become a member of SimplySmartCart’ service by clicking here and read our Step-By-Step Guide to online marketing.

You’re going to find that setting up your catalog is very simple. Each item you want to add to your catalog will take about a minute to set up. In addition to the name, description, price, etc., you can enter a link to a thumbnail picture of the item and a link to a large picture of the item that you’re selling. This give your customers a better idea of what they are buying.

Coupons are a great way to increase your sales. They are used to get your customer to buy now, as an incentive to purchase again, and as a way of tracking the effectiveness of marketing programs. Find out more here.

That’s easy. Just add the SKU parameter to each line of the order. This identifies specific items, just like any store does. Add it to your order line like this, &sku=abc123.

They are designed so you can have as many different kinds of shipping as you want. Shipping charges are organized by type of shipping, e.g. USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. and by country. So, if you ship Fedex to the US you would have one price and shipping Fedex to Canada, for example, would have a different price. Within each rate, e.g. Fedex US, you have two rates. The first is for the first unit of shipment and the second is for each additional unit of shipment. For example Fedex US is $15.00 for the first unit and $3.00 for each additional unit. If you shipment was 3 units the charge would be $15+3+3, or $21.

If you just want to charge a flat rate per shipment enter 0 for the cost of each additional unit. If you have free shipping by USPS and set up USPS with all 0’s. If you have free shipping over $50 or $100 you can set that up as well. We call the shipping units weight, but it could be units or anything else you want to call it. It’s only whole numbers, e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.

Support is available by telephone at +1 808-8700-8741 or by Email