Here are the special benefits You Get with SimplySmartCart

No security on your website required

Because everything is handle on our site, you don’t need to have an SSL security certificate on your site and you don’t have to go through rigorous PCI (Payment Cart Industry) security certification. It can be a true pain in the neck, expecially if you are not very tech savvy.

Maintain it from anywhere

Anywhere in the world you can find an Internet connection (I think that’s everywhere, even cruise ships) you can perform any maintenance you need and check up on how your sales are doing. You don’t need a laptop or tablet to maintain your cart or review your sales. You can do everything on your phone. It’s that simple.

Credit cart processing is built into your cart

Credit cards are processed through your cart and the money is in your bank account the next business day. No delays, no having to request your money. It’s all automatic.

You get a built in Affiliate Program

If you are not familiar with it an affiliate program multiplies your efforts by having other people sell your products or services for a commission. The great thing about an affiliate program is it doesn’t cost anything out of pocket until an actual sale occurs. If they don’t sell anything it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Once your affiliate program is set up, it’s all automatic. When an affiliate sends a prospect to your site it goes through our server first so we can put a cookie in the prospects browser and then we direct them to your site.

When the prospect becomes a customer, we record the sale for you and for the affiliate that sent the buyer. Typically, you pay the affiliate monthly. You may delay payments for a time to allow you to deduct any returns or chargebacks.

Your Shipping Charges

If you sell physical products you probably charge for shipping. You may even have free shipping if you customer purchases over some amount.

Depending on your membership level, you will find 3 different shipping options:

  1. Simple Shipping
    You can have a charge for the first item or pound of an order and additional charge for each additional item or pound. Plus, you can have a free over amount over which shipping is free.
  2. Ez Ship
    You can set up different methods of shipping as well as different locations you ship to. For example, you might have Priority Mail shipping with one set of fees and Fedex with another set of fees, both shipping to the US. International Priority Mail can be a different option for International shipping.
    For each option, you can charge one amount for the first item or pound, and a separate rate for each additional item or pound. Each option also has it’s own Free Over amount.
  3. Real Time Shipping Rates
    You can choose to have real time shipping rates from a number of carriers. Currently, we support USPS  & Fedex. Additional shippers will be available in the future.

Sales Tax Calculation

Sales tax can be automatically calculated for your state for orders that are delivered to your state

Fulfillment House Notification

If you use a fulfillment house to fill your orders you can set the system to automatically send an email to your fulfillment house so they can fill the order without and action on your part. Electronic notification is available for a fee. Please contact us for further details.